Chuckanut Drive Homes for Sale in Bellingham, WA

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Chuckanut Drive (Route 11) is one of the West Coast’s most scenic roads. Most of the homes for sale on Chuckanut Dr. are built along the waterfront of Samish Bay or on the hillsides of Chuckanut and Blanchard Mountains. Many of these hillside homes enjoy sweeping views of Samish Bay and the San Juan Islands, and the famous beautiful sunsets over the Bay.

Chuckanut Drive runs from the historic Fairhaven District of Bellingham in the north to the Skagit Valley farmlands in the south. The narrow road winds along the western side of the Chuckanut and Blanchard Mountains and provides views of the San Juan Islands and Samish Bay. The southern portion of Route 11 runs through beautiful Skagit Valley farmland and the small towns of Bow and Allen. Two gated communities located along Chuckanut Drive offer some of the most exclusive properties for sale in Whatcom County.

Chuckanut Drive has several roadside viewpoints along the way that give visitors an opportunity to enjoy Samish Bay and San Juan Island vistas. Visitors with more time and energy can take advantage of the many hiking trails on Chuckanut and Blanchard Mountains. Small public beaches are located at Teddy Bear Cove, Larrabee State Park and Clayton Beach, and can be reached by hiking trails.

Taylor Shellfish Farm, located on the tidelands of Samish Bay, has operated along Chuckanut Drive at the mouth of Oyster Creek since 1890. Three restaurants: The Oyster Bar, the Oyster Creek Inn and Chuckanut Manor offer fine dining and great views.


Chuckanut Bay Gallery & Sculpture Garden is the only retail store along the northern portion of Chuckanut Drive. Area residents came meet most of their shopping needs by driving to historic Fairhaven in south Bellingham.

Go to for a list of retail stores on the southern end and more information on the area.


In general, students living along Chuckanut Drive north of Larrabee State Park attend Lowell Elementary School, Fairhaven Middle School and Sehome High School.

Students who live in the Skagit County portion of Chuckanut Drive are in the Burlington-Edison School District attendance area.

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